Since year 2000 this tool changed the edge sharpening for athletes, team and enthusiast skiers and snowboarders.
The actual natural evolution gets a compact design for increasing ergonomics and portability becoming easier to use too.
You can sharpen every kind of ski from children ones to the wider free-ride ski or snowboard.

  • The working position with the ski base toward the operator makes the ski edge  always visible, in order to check what you are doing respecting the safety rules.

  • New better balanced machine body for an easier working, also on tip and tail

  • Edge sharpening regulation from 84° up to 90°

  • Depth sharpening regulation for rough or light working 

  • Turning speed regulation to adapt to different grinding cups or edge material

  • Magnetic dust retainer, adapter for vacuum cleaner as option.
Available with the shop power supply TR110 ( 110V or 230V)  optionally with the new light and compact G1 power supply for universal use


The first  CBN cup and the most used one suitable for:
  • A lot of race skis to tune
  • Injected or very icy tracks
  • SL or GS
  • aggressive skiing
max turning speed 17V


Designed for working at a lower temperature, for high speed:
  • DH o SG
  • Aggressive snow
  • For a more forgiving skiing
  • For ultra light back-country carbon skis
max turning speed 16V


Designed for the world cup to make the perfect sharpening whithout leaving burr on the ski base*:
  • Only for ski in optimal conditions of maintenance
  • Best finishing
  • Limited manual intervention on the base of the ski 
  • Maximum speed on the snow
max turning speed 18V

(* a very small burr is possible depending on the  steel alloy of the edge)

The standard grinding cup, a balace between costs and results:
  • For reacreational or medium/low level racing
  • A good finishing whith affordable cost
  • Setting the edge angle on new skis
max turning speed 18V

Roughing grinding cup for damaged or new skis to set up:  
  • Working on very damaged edges
  • Setting the edge angle on brand new skis
max turning speed 17V


Adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner for emery dust with sparks to the TRIone side edges sharpener. A professional vacuum cleaner with automatic switch for power-tools is suggested. Exit pipe ø28 mm. (Vacuum cleaner and pipes not included).


Extension to the side edge sharpener. It works from 0° to 2° micro metrically regulated on the base edges. 
To be used only on brand new skis or after a base structure. For the every day maintenance you only need to sharpen the sidewall.
For a better result the ski base must be perfectly flat.


Plexy sharpener for the scrapers used to remove the wax from the base of skis and snow-boards.

It requires the external power supplier of the edge sharpener (not included) or a 14-18V dc battery (not included)


Compact aluminum square with angle regulation from 85° to 90°, blocking system for files and stones.

Stainless steel rails for ski base contact.

Base wide 110 mm

Extremely steady aluminum square with angle regulation from 84° to 90°, blocking system for files and stones.

Stainless steel rails for ski base contact.

Base wide 156 mm
Ideal for snowboard maintenance.
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